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As of 30 June 2018 the PDFs of all Austroads' Guides are freely available for all users. Most hard copies have been discontinued.

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Latest Publications

Webinar: Appropriate Use of Marginal and Non-standard Materials in Road Construction and Maintenance

Tuesday 17 July 2018 | Online, 1pm - 2pm AEST  A major challenge facing road agencies is the increasing shortage of quality quarried materials and natural gravels for road construction and maintenance. These are finite resources, and current sources are being exhausted. Grave...

Guide to Asset Management – Technical Information Part 13: Structures

Part 13 of the Guide to Asset Management (GAM) provides guidance on establishing and maintaining structures asset inventories, and monitoring asset structure performance. It discusses the need for road agencies to measure asset structure performance against objectives and is primarily concer...

Webinar: Scoping Study for a Location Referencing Model to Support the BIM Environment

Wednesday 25 July 2018 | Online, 1pm - 2pm AEST  A recent Austroads study revisited the issue of location referencing methods (LRM) to include transferring BIM data into Asset Management Systems. The study found that all road authorities have important business drivers for their...

Guide to Asset Management – Technical Information Part 14: Other Assets

Part 14 of the Guide to Asset Management (GAM) addresses road-related assets which are integral to the performance of the road system but which exclude major structures, road pavements and supporting subgrades/foundations. These assets include operating hardware and software for traffic mana...

Guide to Asset Management – Technical Information Part 15: Technical Supplements

The technical supplements presented in Part 15 of the Guide to Asset Management (GAM) cover the knowledge and condition assessment of pavements, structures and other assets. The GAM provides guidance to road agencies on the application of contemporary ‘whole of organisation&rsq...

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