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Latest Publications

Bicycle Wayfinding: Literature Review

This report documents the bicycle directional signage and wayfinding systems currently in use in seven major cycling nations and in seven Australian and New Zealand jurisdictions. It provides a detailed analysis of the way directional signs are used in these jurisdictions studying issues such as:...

Guide to Road Design Part 2: Design Considerations

Guide to Road Design Part 2 provides a detailed description of the three critical aspects of road design: the design objectives that apply to a road design project; context-sensitive design; and the factors that influence the road design, including road design in the context of the Safe System ph...

Guide to Road Design Part 1: Introduction to Road Design

Guide to Road Design Part 1 provides an introduction to the road design process, defining its status, purpose and areas of application. It describes the functions and content of the 15 parts in the Guide to Road Design. The context of the road design process, its philosophy and principles are dis...

Options to Extend Coverage of Alcohol Interlock Programs

Despite high levels of community education and sustained enforcement, alcohol-related crashes and drink-driving offences continue to pose a threat to road safety. Alcohol interlock programs are one element of enforcement. High-range, repeat or other serious drink-driving offenders can be requi...

Signal Management Techniques to Support Network Operations

This project has developed guidance on how signal management and operation should be undertaken to realise the intent of network operation planning and achieve the desired performance outcomes for road users. The guidance is in the form of a Signal Management Toolkit which will assist signal o...

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