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Latest Publications

Guide to Bridge Technology Part 8: Hydraulic Design of Waterway Structures (2018 Edition)

Guide to Bridge Technology Part 8 provides a guideline for issues related to the waterway design of bridges. It covers various topics such as design flood standards and estimation methods, general considerations in waterway design and design considerations of waterway structures. Design of n...

Guide to Bridge Technology Part 7: Maintenance and Management of Existing Bridges (2018 Edition)

Guide to Bridge Technology Part 7 discusses the structural management of existing bridges in practical technical terms. It documents practices relevant to forward works programming, inspection, recording, reporting, evaluation of bridge condition and fitness for purpose. Bridge testing and s...

Guide to Bridge Technology Part 6: Bridge Construction (2018 Edition)

To ensure that bridges are properly constructed in accordance with the design drawings and specifications, engineers need to be well-informed on all aspects of their design and construction, including awareness of the problems that may arise and the levels of the various risks associated with the...

Guide to Bridge Technology Part 5: Structural Drafting (2018 Edition)

Guide to Bridge Technology Part 5 sets out the principles involved in the presentation of bridge structural drawings and is intended to give engineers and draft persons at all levels a sound guide in drafting presentation and information. The Guide covers a variety of principles used within ...

Feedback sought on Guide to Temporary Traffic Management Practice

Austroads has released the first three parts of the Guide to Temporary Traffic Management Practice for industry feedback.  This new guide will, once completed, provide comprehensive national guidance for all practitioners operating in Temporary Traffic Management.  The thre...

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