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Guide to Project Evaluation Part 8: Examples


Publication no: AGPE08-06 Pages: 49
Published: 30 June 2006

Part 8 of the Guide to Project Evaluation (the Guide) presents worked examples demonstrating appropriate use of project evaluation techniques applied to a selection of infrastructure upgrading projects commonly faced by practitioners. Some of these examples are updated and expanded from the Austroads Benefit Cost Analysis Manual (1996), and are intended to demonstrate the benefit-cost analysis (BCA) methodology and techniques described in Part 2. Each of the nine worked examples (flood mitigation, sealing and realignment, bridge maintenance, ferry upgrade, blackspot evaluation, timing of project, bus priority, town bypass and road widening) is linked to an executable Excel spreadsheet showing all relevant BCA calculations.

This publication will be discontinued on 1 July 2018. It will be superseded by the Australian Transport Assessment and Planning (ATAP) Guidelines.

Table of Contents

1.1 Steps in a benefit-cost analysis
2.1 Characterising projects
2.2 Data requirements
2.2.1 Project-specific data
2.2.2 Option-specific data
3.1 Flood mitigation
3.1.1 Project description and options
3.1.2 Data inputs
3.1.3 Results
3.2 Sealing and realignment
3.2.1 Project description and options
3.2.2 Data inputs
3.2.3 Results
3.3 Bridge maintenance
3.3.1 Project description and options
3.3.2 Some key issues
3.3.3 Data inputs
3.3.4 Results
3.4 Ferry upgrading
3.4.1 Project description and options
3.4.2 Data inputs
3.4.3 Results
3.5 Blackspot treatment
3.5.1 Project description and options
3.5.2 Data inputs
3.5.3 Results
3.6 Timing of project (Delay)
3.6.1 Project description and options
3.6.2 Data inputs
3.6.3 Results
3.7 Bus priority
3.7.1 Project description and options
3.7.2 Data inputs
3.7.3 Results
3.8 Town bypass
3.8.1 Factors for consideration
3.8.2 Project description
3.8.3 Data inputs
3.8.4 Results
3.9 Road widening and duplication
3.9.1 Factors for consideration
3.9.2 Project description and options
3.9.3 Data inputs
3.9.4 Results
Figure 3.21: First-year rate of return by option
3.10.1 Impact of cycle use
3.10.2 Benefit-cost evaluation
3.10.3 An overview of this bicycle example
3.11 Risk analysis example
3.12 A Multi-criteria analysis (MCA) example

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