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Guide to Road Design Part 6A: Pedestrian and Cyclist Paths

Publication no: AGRD06A-09 Pages: 127

The Guide to Road Design Part 6A: Pedestrian and Cyclist Paths provides guidance for road designers and other practitioners on the design of paths for safe and efficient walking and cycling. The main focus of Part 6A is the geometric design of paths and related facilities such as intersections between paths, and terminal treatments.

Detailed guidance is provided on path location, alignment, width, clearances, crossfall, drainage and sight distance requirements. The location and design of paths may be influenced by a range of aspects that need to be considered and facilities that need to be accommodated within roadsides. In particular, designers should refer to the Guide to Road Design: Part 6: Roadside Design, Safety and Barriers and Part 6B: Roadside Environment.

The design of pedestrian and cyclist paths may also be influenced by design considerations and requirements covered in other parts of the Guide to Road Design. In addition, road designers should also refer to relevant parts of the Austroads Guide to Traffic Management in relation to traffic management devices and requirements that may need to be accommodated within a roadside or may otherwise influence the design.

Guide Update

This Guide is being reviewed. We expect to publish a new edition by the end of May 2017.

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