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Guide to Traffic Management Part 9: Traffic Operations

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Publication no: AGTM09-09 Pages: 249

Part 9  of the Austroads Guide to Traffic Management - Traffic Operations is concerned with the day-to-day operations that support the provision of road services to road network users. Part 9 introduces the concept of traffic operations as underpinning road user services, covers the major types of services provided and outlines the role of intelligent transport systems (ITS) in delivering these services. Part 9 provides guidance on the configuration and operation of systems, both ITS and manual, supporting traffic operations including network monitoring systems, incident management, traffic signal systems, congestion management, freeway/motorway management systems, traveller information systems and the like. In so doing, Part 9 refers to issues covered in other parts but is distinguished particularly from: Part 4, which deals with the broader issues and aspects of managing networks of roads to provide effective traffic management for all road users; Part 10, which provides guidance on the design and use of particular traffic control and communication devices which in some cases form components of the systems discussed in Part 9.


Guide to Traffic Management Part 9: Traffic Operations is currently under review. A revised edition is due to be published in February 2014.

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