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Guide to Traffic Management Part 10: Traffic Control and Communications Devices

Publication no: AGTM10-09 Pages: 221

Part 10 is concerned with the tools that are required for traffic management and traffic control within a network. It covers the various control devices used to regulate and guide traffic, including signs, traffic signals, pavement markings, delineators, and traffic islands. Other devices and technologies that convey information and guidance to road users while they are active in traffic are also included. This part provides guidance on the design and use of particular traffic control devices that are applied to achieve or implement various traffic management and control measures.  It provides advice on the functions, suitability and correct use of devices to create a more efficient and safer road traffic environment for all users in permanent or temporary situations.

Guide to Traffic Management Part 10: Traffic Control and Communication Devices is currently under review. We expect a new edition will be published in August 2016.

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