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Assessing Fitness to Drive for Commercial and Private Vehicle Drivers

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Publication no: AP-G56-13 Pages: 176

The 2016 edition of Assessing Fitness to Drive is now available. The standards in the 2016 edition will be effective from 1 October 2016.

Assessing Fitness to Drive contains medical standards to provide guidance to health professionals and driver licencing bodies on the health assessment of private and commercial drivers of heavy vehicles, light vehicles and motorbikes.

As a joint NTC and Austroads publication, the NTC has led the revision of the standards, including undertaking extensive consultation with medical professionals, driver licensing authorities, industry and drivers.

Now that the 2016 edition is available, hard copies of this edition are no longer available for sale. The PDF is free to download.


In March 2013 the Transport and Infrastructure Senior Officials' Committee (TISOC) approved changes to Assessing Fitness to Drive, March 2012. The changes are set out here.  The hard copy and PDF edition of the publication includes these changes. A PDF of the five pages updated in 2013 can be downloaded here.

In September 2014 the National Transport Commission provided a correction to Figure 7B: Bruce protocol nomogram for women on page 41 and updated the contact details for the Tasmanian Medical Review Officer on page 149. The PDF edition of the publication includes these changes. Hard copies sold from 5 September 2014 will include a corrigendum which outlines the changes. The corrigendum can be downloaded here.   

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