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Cycling Aspects of Austroads Guides (2014)

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Publication no: AP-G88-14 Pages: 177
Published: 15 April 2014

Cycling Aspects of Austroads Guides contains information that relates to the planning, design and traffic management of cycling facilities and is sourced from Austroads Guides, primarily the Guide to Road Design, the Guide to Traffic Management and the Guide to Road Safety.

It is intended as a guide for engineers, planners and designers involved in the planning, design, construction and management of cycling facilities. Throughout the document practitioners are referred to relevant Austroads Guides for additional information.

Cycling Aspects of Austroads Guides provides information about:

  • planning and traffic management considerations
  • design guidance relating to on-road and off-road bicycle facilities 
  • construction and maintenance considerations 
  • provision for cyclists at structures, traffic control devices and end of trip facilities.

This is the second edition of Cycling Aspects of Austroads Guides. This edition has been revised to ensure its currency and to clarify and highlight links to other Austroads Guides. Key updates include:

  • improving cross-references to other Austroads guidance, including summary cross-reference tables at the beginning of each section
  • providing broader consideration of other Austroads Guides applicable to cycling
  • updating the report to reflect new editions of the Guide to Traffic Management (Parts 3, 6 and 9) and Guide to Road Safety (Part 1)
  • enhancing or clarifying guidance for topics such as path crossings of roads, access considerations at freeway interchanges, construction and maintenance considerations and pavements for cycling.

The full publication and a quick reference guide are available. In both documents, the Guide icons are linked to the relevant guide on this website.

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