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Towards a Nationally Consistent Approach to Route Identity

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Publication no: AP-R224-03 Pages: 19
Published: 27 June 2003

These guidelines have been prepared to assist Australian state and territory road agencies to implement principles for a national approach to rural route numbering. These principles have been agreed by Transport Ministers to provide a four-tier route classification reflecting the functional importance of the route, that will be used on route signage and mapping. The determining principle in developing the guidelines is that they will assist road users.^ The guidelines recognise that different regions within Australia vary greatly in the nature of the transport task. For this reason, the guidelines provide minimum standards for driving conditions for each road classification. It is recognised that actual standards will vary between jurisdictions depending on the factors outlined above.

Table of Contents

  • Foreword
  • Contents
  • Part 1 Overview
  • Part 2 Hierarchy of Routes
  • Part 3 Signage Format
  • Part 4 Rural and Urban Application
  • Part 5 Implementation
  • Appendix A Route Identity Examples
  • Information Retrieval

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