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Safe System Demonstration Project Involving an Indigenous Community: Literature Review and Methods

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Publication no: AP-R377A-11 Pages: 76
Published: 10 June 2011

In 2009, the Indigenous Road Safety Working Group received support from Austroads to fund a demonstration project – a Safe System audit of an Indigenous community in Australia. The George Institute for Global Health (under the previous title of The George Institute for International Health) tendered for the project in collaboration with the Woolyungah Indigenous Centre, University ofWollongong and the Injury Risk Management Research Centre, University of New South Wales and was subsequently commissioned by Austroads to conduct the research. Members of theWorking Group from each Australian State and Territory formed the Reference Group for this project.

The project comprised several phases, including: Part A. Develop methodology: literature reviews of the Safe System and successful Indigenouscommunity road safety programs, or like programs; recommendations for informing Indigenous communities of the project; and, development of selection criteria for the demonstration community; Part B. Undertake a Safe System audit and identify initiatives: engage with successful community and conduct audit; identify key road safety needs; Part C. Prepare an implementation plan: involve the demonstration community and key stakeholders; make recommendations to ensure sustainability; and develop an evaluation framework.

This report Literature Review and Methods presents the literature review and methodology components of Part A and Part B. The Safe System Audit and implementation plan were undertaken and developed together with the demonstration community and are reported togetherin the co-authored companion report Audit and Implementation Plan

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