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Achieving Safe System Speeds on Urban Arterial Roads: Compendium of Good Practice

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Publication no: AP-R514-16 Pages: 104
Published: 11 April 2016

This compendium presents information on speed as a contributor to urban arterial road crashes. It provides information on treatments that can be used to address speed at intersections and midblock locations.

The intention in using these treatments is to move closer to Safe System objectives by helping to avoid death and serious injury when crashes do occur.

The main focus is on road engineering based treatments but information is also provided on other approaches that may be used (e.g. enforcement and in vehicle devices).

Table of Contents

1. Introduction
  • 1.1 Background
  • 1.2 Method
  • 1.3 Purpose of the Project
  • 1.4 Structure of the Compendium
2. Defining Urban Arterials
  • 2.1 Network Operating Plans and Level of Service
3. Scale of Problem
  • 3.1 Australian and New Zealand Research
  • 3.2 International Research
4. Speed as a Contributor to Urban Arterial Crashes
  • 4.1 Safe System
  • 4.2 Speed within the Safe System Context
5. Engineering-Based Treatments
  • 5.1 Intersections
  • 5.2 Midblocks
  • 5.3 Roadworks and School Zones
6. Monitoring and Evaluation
7. Discussion and Conclusions
Appendix A Engineering Treatments
  • A.1 Urban Arterial Intersections
  • A.2 Urban Arterial Midblocks
Appendix B Non-engineering Treatments
  • B.1 Enforcement and Penalties
  • B.2 In-vehicle Treatments
  • B.3 Education, Training and Publicity
  • B.4 Penalties
  • B.5 References

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