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Online Shopping Information

How can I find the publication I need?

Our electronic publications facility provides you with several ways to find the right publication to meet your needs:

  1. Search - search in the top right of each screen. This will allow you to type in a key word, publications title, author, or publication number to find what you are looking for.
  2. Browse by Subject Area – pick a selection from the subject list to browse all publications in that category.

What products can I obtain online?

All Austroads publications are available electronically. You can download them in Adobe Acrobat PDF format, that you can store on your computer. The majority of Austroads publications are free in PDF format but there is a charge for Austroads Guides in PDF format.

For Austroads guides and a limited number of other publications there is also a hardcopy available for purchase publication to be delivered to you using normal mail order..

You can choose which version you want when you add publications to the shopping cart, or when you are ready to finalise your order.

What is the shopping cart and how does it work?

The shopping cart holds all the products that you are ordering. You can add or delete products from the shopping cart until you decide to finalise your order. Once at the checkout, you can change quantities, remove publications, or go back to search for and add new ones.

How do I put publications into the shopping cart?

After you have found the products that you want, simply click in the check box for your version of choice (Hardcopy or electronic PDF), and click the ‘Add to Cart’ button to place it in your shopping cart. It is exactly the same thing for both hardcopy versions of publications, or for downloading an electronic PDF file of the publication.

Can I add more than one product to my shopping cart before going to the checkout?

Yes. After searching or browsing for the products you are looking for, simply click the check box of each publication you want to add to your shopping cart, then press the Process button to add them all at once. Of course you can add publications one at a time if you prefer.

How do I update the shopping cart if I make any changes?

Every time that you add or delete a product, change the quantity ordered or the desired delivery option, you will need to press the Update button. At any time up until you finalise your order, you can change your mind about a publication or even cancel your entire order.

Do I have to buy every product I put in the shopping cart?

No.. If you decide to delete a product from your order simply click on the Remove Item; button next to the product you no longer want. You must remember to click on the Update; button to recalculate your order. You can also empty the entire shopping cart by clicking on the Empty Cart; button, and begin an entirely new search.

How do I place my final order?

Once you have finished selecting the products you want to buy go to the Shopping Cart screen by clicking the 'View Cart' button in the sidebar on the left of the screen and then simply click on the Continue to Checkout; button and then simply follow the easy payment and delivery details steps.

Do you provide a receipt if I pay with my credit card?

Yes. A receipt for your purchase is included in the invoice you are emailed when placing your order.

Will I receive confirmation of my order?

Yes.. When you download an electronic copy of a publication, we will automatically send you an e-mail notification with a link back to a secure download page where your purchase is stored. We strongly urge you to add this page to your favourites or bookmarks, as this is where your publication has been downloaded to until you copy it to your own computer. We give you 7 days to copy the PDF file to your computer. After that time the file(s) will no longer be made available on the secure download page.

Customers ordering hardcopy publications through our web site will also receive an e-mail notification confirming their purchase.

I'm having shopping cart problems.

If you are experiencing problems with our shopping cart (such as adding publications to the shopping cart, but it still shows that it is empty), this may be because:

  1. Your browser is not set up to accept cookies. For more information about cookies see the question below and read our Privacy Statement.
  2. You may need to Refresh; or Reload; your browser to update your screen.

Why does Austroads use cookies?

In order to complete an order on our site Austroads uses a feature of your web browser called "cookies". A cookie is a small file, which contains a piece of text which identifies you on our web site. It is very common for online shopping sites to use cookies. The cookie, by itself, only contains a session number helping us keep track of you as you use our site, and helps us to build your shopping cart for you. It doesn't tell us who you are, or your e-mail address or anything else personal. No personal details are contained in the cookie, and they are not used to retrieve any personal information. At Austroads we assure you that we will never use the cookie to obtain any private or personal information. So for your shopping experience with us to be as quick and painless as possible, please make sure that your browser is set up to accept our cookies, and please, don't delete them.

How can I keep my publications up-to-date?

When you download a publication from the WebShop it is the most up-to-date version available at the time of purchase. We can automatically send you an email notification of changes to your publications, or subject areas that you may be interested in when you set up a free RoadWatch account.

Web Browser Compatibility?

This website is optimised for use on Internet Explorer (version 7 or later). It will also run on Firefox 3+ and Safari 3+.

Payment Options

What payment do we accept?

Our secure payment system gladly accepts your MasterCard, Visa and American Express. Your credit card information is kept safe through the use of our secure transaction system.

Our system will also accept electronic funds transfers. Purchase orders of $500 or more will also be accepted.

Delivery Options

Downloading PDF Files

If you select the option of downloading publications as electronic files in Adobe Acrobat PDF format that you can store on your computer they are placed in a secure page for download. The estimated file download time is displayed in the shopping cart.

Adobe Acrobat Reader 5 or later is required to view and print PDF files. Acrobat Reader is available free from

Hardcopy publications

You can order a hardcopy publication and have it delivered to you by regular mail order.

Shipping Information for Hardcopy Orders

Hardcopy orders are dispatched where possible on either the same day, or the next business day after your order is received. Orders are shipped within Australia using Australia Post for AUD$15.00 including GST per order.

International orders are shipped by airmail and a quote will be provided to you on a specific quote basis. GST may be exempt on shipping for international orders

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